Monday, June 22, 2009

mr turnbull

SHAME on you mr Turnbull, in a time of economic unease, when the mums and dads of this great country of ours (which incidentally is not technically in a recession) thanks to the stimulus packages delivered by our labor government, should be seeing labor and liberal holding hands (not playing school yard antics ) to see this country out of this economic turmoil. As an ordinary Australian citizen i cant thank labor enough for what they have done to boost this country's economy. I cant stand the fact that you made it to the BRW's top 200 rich list. Why would a single mum on minimum wage have any faith in your knowledge of our plight. It is obvious that you have no respect towards our prime minister who has led this country in a way that I like many others still hold jobs, I don't think that liberal would ever have considered me or others on minimum wage a priority. In fact when Mr Howard gave his final speech after losing the election he said that this nation was a slippers by the fire/ kind of country, like we are all sooooooo comfortable. Like you he was completely out of touch with "the little Aussie battlers" of this nation who still exists and whom he happened to ignore for 12yrs or so. Why would i want a multi millionaire like you Mr Turnbull to pretend to know what more than half of the adult population needs......RESIGN

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