Friday, September 4, 2009

the crochet bikini is back!!!!

Its amazing how fashion turns around and comes right back around again.This time its the retro,cool and hip crochet bikini,seems like all the celebs are wearing some sort of crocheted swimsuit. Even our very own Aussie icon Elle McPherson, sports illustrated swimsuit model extraordinaire was spotted wearing one last

I have have been torturing myself for over a year trying to come up with the best fitting crochet bikini pattern, and at last i have done it. It took many many many trials and errors to finally  come up with a beautiful fitting crochet bikini ( pictured below ), even my cousin (a budding young fashion designer) insisted i make her one (huge compliment)

My pattern is so easy to follow and uses only (1) stitch throughout, I'm thrilled with the results. So if you, or someone you know can crochet then check this out,

If you cant crochet then check this out

Cheers for now.....


  1. HI, Cute bikinis:) Thanks for checking out my blog and becoming a follower, I hope I dont bore you too much ! Checked out your etsy store too, you do lovely work...

  2. Wow, amazing pattern! I can't crochet sadly, and I'm sorry to confess that at the moment I can't wear a bikini either ;) However I will continue to admire your knitting on your blog!