Monday, October 5, 2009

summer is coming

Summer is all about the beach in Australia, beach culture includes cool summer fashions like cool summer tops,shorts,mini skirts, Havaiana thongs,spray on tans and of course the all important "bikini'. Swimwear is a fashion statement in its self and here in Australia swimwear designers are amongst the best in world and why wouldn't they be,just take a look at our beautiful coastline .
Looking great on and around the beach is imperative,this is why I designed this funky retro crochet bikini.
"Vintage" is back, and what better way to show off your body than the iconic hip and groovy crochet
This pattern took me one year to perfect its fit and
contours.Its an easy to follow pattern which uses only one stitch throughout,so if you can crochet visit here
or if you cant crochet then visit here
Cheers and thanks for looking....Have a great summer!!!!

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